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Ranjith Manoharan
Ranjith Manoharan

User Experience Designer

empathetic, problem solver

  1. Smile to Sign up :) createwithadobexd xd animation animation prototype biometrics faceid signup ux madewithxd xd mobile
  2. Chase App Redesign redesign userexperience empathy ui ux chase bank of america bank app banking app chaseapp product mobile
  3. Happy Plants concept figmadesign plant ux app mobile
  4. FREE XD Plant App gardening plants animation app mobile ux
  5. Personal Menu animation mobile menu bar ux personalized navigation bar tab bar navbar menubar menu gesture drag and drop customer experience app menu
  6. Contextual Onboarding contextual app onboarding personalization tab bar help onboarding menubar menu mobile animation
  7. Onboarding App Menu ada accessibility usability inclusive design ux app icon menu design navbar bottom bar labels icons onboarding navigation menu navigation bar animation mobile tabbar menu
  8. Drag to Bag fruits add to bag add to cart shopping grocery app drag and drop gesture mobile ui minimal sketch concept vector design
  9. Views vs Likes product design dribbble web analytics chart conversion stats dashboard ui dashboard design dashboard accessibility readability ui minimal sketch concept vector flat simple design clean
  10. Lookool - Shopping Trial trailing trial user experience ux shoes shorts shades hats summer look animation interaction dresses app design mobile app design mobile app app mobile shopping app shopping
  11. Quick Pay vector design concept gif sketch ui app black simple clean flat mobile apple pay digital wallet card payment ios ux quick pay bill pay payment
  12. Sneaky Menu menu thumb zone animation inclusive design readability black accessibility ios mobile ui app ux sketch minimal vector simple flat concept clean design
  13. Readable Tab Bar black minimal icon gif flat design clean app simple vector ui ux color blinded disability contrast human centered design cx inclusive design readability accessibility
  14. Mobile Dash statistics mobile dashboard dashboad mobile app ux ui minimal sketch concept vector flat simple design clean
  15. Eggino lettering type gif app icon animation logo mobile web typography branding ui sketch minimal vector simple concept flat design clean
  16. Twitter Search customer experience user friendly user experience interaction search bar twitter search usability app proximity thumb zone animation mobile ux accessibility search twitter
  17. Helo Dribbble! clean simple art letter art type design 2d flat illustration logotype stroke vector logo dribbble firstshot hello
  18. Tesla App - Slide to Start design vector concept car app app car slide ui ux uxdesign electric car gesture interaction slide start tesla mobile animation
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